Growth and the Economy.

Updated: Jan 18, 2019

We all want to see our community thrive and grow, right? Living in this area my entire life, I've seen that happen, and want to see it continue. I believe more jobs is the key to that, but with more jobs, we also need more businesses.

When I was a teacher at Keller Elementary, I tried to set up a meeting with a parent, but it was near impossible. The reason being, the parent was a new immigrant often busy working double shifts at nearby fast food locations that she could walk to due to not having transportation, and if she missed work she would not be able to provide for her children. As much as the parent wanted to be more involved in their students school life, often times, I'd end up just meeting with an older sibling. Life should not be like that, a parent shouldn't have to work double shifts to provide for their children. Perhaps if there were more quality jobs in the area, that would help solve problems like that from arising. Perhaps we can bring in more sit down restaurants, some new tech startups, manufacturing, better retail, a full pledged movie studio, or maybe better wages or accesible job skill training in general, then families could prosper and spend more time with each other.

Growing up I've seen many live music shows at The Huntridge, then later at Jillians, nowadays, there are not any all age music venues in the area. This could attract local and national attention bringing more business into the ward and another option for entertainment year round. Fremont East is a fun place with a lot of bars and restaurants, I even get my haircut at Downtown Vintage Barbershop, and next door is the world famous Downtown Tattoo where I often go to visit. There's also Container Park, Donut Bar, and The Griffin, all places I patronize, and types of places I'd like to see more of. There is a lot of available real estate and more businesses that cater to locals as well as tourist would be great for the community and only increase foot traffic to the area. The Arts District is also growing, and with that, the culinary arts can be represented as well. LA has Grand Central Market, Philadelphia has Reading Terminal Market, maybe Las Vegas can have something similar. This would give everyone the chance to buy local fresh produce, and give the platform for entrepreneurs to serve the public their culinary creations. It is no secret that Las Vegas is a hot spot for food, maybe an idea like this can make it a mecca. Since we are speaking the Arts district, I remember when First Friday was a small one-two building event, and now it's huge. Why not give people more reasons to come to the Arts District by getting art shows, special exhibits, and events year round to grow the sense of community. Main Street has also seen growth lately, and I don't see why it can't be transformed into something like the Fairfax District in Los Angeles that mixes galleries, studios, bars, unique boutiques and independent retailers, but with its own Las Vegas identity.

With the proposed light rail system serving Fremont East and the Arts District, these ideas can only add to the economic growth and development of the city. I would like to continue the work with the Downtown Project, Tony Hsieh, and all of the other developers and masterminds who have been building up downtown the last several years.

Another idea I have is film. Las Vegas serves as a backdrop to many multi million dollar productions, but often those productions are set on the famous Las Vegas Strip, and thats great, but maybe we can get better incentives for productions to shoot not only on the strip, but all over the city. Just as Las Vegas was becoming "Hollywood East" previous incentives got gutted and productions stopped shooting as often. As an actor, I felt the brunt of less production being filmed here. Ward 3 has such a wide variety of places to shoot from gritty alleys, older neighborhoods, to the bright lights of downtown. Plus, local company Silver State Productions is located downtown. The fact is Ward 3 has personality, let's use it!


Thanks for your interest. For more information, feel free to get in touch and I will get back to you soon!

Las Vegas, NV, USA



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