Crime & Community Policing.

Updated: Jan 2, 2019

I believe everyone in this community has a duty, and that is to look out for one another. This is our city and our community so we have to do what we can to make it safe for all. If elected, I’d address crime by making sure the citizens of this great city are holding themselves accountable for their own actions, and that the police are holding themselves accountable as well, and giving dignity & respect to the people by creating a trusting environment.

This can be attained by community policing, where police are immersed and a part of the community themselves. For one to fully serve the community, they must be a part of that community themselves to better understand the people and the issues surrounding them. I support body cameras on all law enforcement officials from patrol officers to park police. Everyone deserves to know accountability is taking place in order to grant trust unto others.

As citizens, we must also be respectful of law enforcement, and know that they have a job to do. They are here to serve and protect, and if we are constantly contesting them, then we may be causing harm to others who do need help. With online neighborhood groups such as Nextdoor, and real life neighborhood watch programs, residents can empower themselves, and police can focus on more major issues. Accountability is key, and by working together, we can make this city safe for all.

Photo: Richard Brian/Las Vegas Review-Journal @vegasphotograph


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