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Updated: Jan 21, 2019

First off, thanks for coming to my site, I'm glad you're here. I was born in Las Vegas, NV and have lived in Ward 3 my entire life. I went To Ira J. Earl Elementary school, Del H. Robison middle school, and Eldorado for high school. Growing up, I wanted to be an entertainer, which I did through acting and music, and I also wanted to be the President of the United States. My first jobs were at the Smiths and Ross Dress For Less on Nellis and Stewart, later on I've taught at many area schools as a substitute and later, as a full time special education teacher at Charlotte & Jerry Keller Elementary for the 2015-2016 school year. Now, I am a special education teacher at Legacy Traditional School and have been there since summer of 2017. I've also conducted homeless outreach in the Hope Corridor and other parts of Ward 3 while working with HELP of Southern Nevada on the Mobile Crisis Intervention Team, where I went into encampments, handed out water, hygiene, and harm reduction kits, filled out SNAP applications, and did housing/health assessments on homeless individuals. Ward 3 is my home and something I take great pride in, growing up here, I've never envisioned myself anywhere else and want to do everything I can to make you feel the same way.

I've taught children, helped the homeless, and now I want to make Ward 3 the centerpiece of the city. I've seen this city grow, the ward change, and faces come and go, but I want to ensure that Ward 3 remains at the forefront of growth and innovation for years to come. As a boy, I've always been able to look toward Sunrise Mountain to know exactly where I was at in this city and never be lost, playing tag in the streets with neighborhood friends I found community. Going to the supermarket with my parents, I'd run into classmates from school and it'd always feel so exciting, and as a teen I'd go to shows at The Huntridge and gain an even bigger sense of community. Now as an adult, I want to see that those time honored traditions last. These days, I see friends all around Ward 3, whether it be at the local barbershop, Fremont East, Main Street doing shopping, or on Nellis buying groceries. I am a product of this great community.

Currently, I hold a Masters degree in Education from Grand Canyon University, a Bachelors in Public Administration from Nevada State College, and an Associates in Art from CSN. My hobbies include acting, live music, pro wrestling, comic books, MMA, photography, sneakers, UNLV Basketball and of course the Vegas Golden Knights.

Now, you might notice my website doesn't say "Aaron's Story" or doesn't speak in third person, and the reason for that is I am running this site and campaign on my own. I don't have a campaign manager or advisor. I'm definitely not a career politician or someone who's only worked in the government or politics since high school. I don't have money to hire staff members or writers. I'm a normal guy from East Las Vegas who just wants to make his community better, and help his city grow. I've worked normal jobs in the community itself, and have "real world" experience & struggles, and I believe this helps make me see and understand the issues as you, the citizen of Ward 3 does because I'm a citizen like you.

Extra Work:

Volunteered at the Sunrise Library

Helped organize a toy drive raising over 200 toys for Clearwaters Counseling.


Thanks for your interest. For more information, feel free to get in touch and I will get back to you soon!

Las Vegas, NV, USA



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